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The thing that I have always hated about moving around is that I always leave something behind.


Glenn Rubenstein – Exec Producer/Director/Editor/Writer
Mari Devincenzi – Assistant Producer
Song – This Invitation Has Meant the World to Me by The New Trust

This video led to a Tachyon dead drop in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, at the windmill featured in the video, which is located a few hundred feet from the Pacific Ocean.

On the recovered memory card was an encrypted file containing photos of Daniel in the woods on the evening of 10-12-06, or October 12, 2006 – the date of The Ceremony, which Daniel followed Bree to. In game, these pictures were presumed to have been taken by agents working on behalf of OpAphid, who were following Daniel at the time.

These photographs were provided by Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, Amanda Goodfried, and Mesh Flinders, who took the pictures of actor Yousef Abu-Taleb on location in Topanga Canyon State Park, in Southern California, while filming the Lonelygirl15 Ceremony video. They Are Watching on LGPedia has more video trivia, credits, and info about the puzzles surrounding this video.

This video and dead drop took place before any official announcement was made about the alternate reality game OpAphid’s relationship with LG15. This offered a hint that Glenn Rubenstein, the creator of OpAphid, was working on an official series crossover with Lonelygirl15.


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