OpAphid meets REDEARTH88

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OpAphid reappeared in the REDEARTH88 video Worth The Wait? which was a surprise to fans who had not known of her whereabouts since the events of the Lonelygirl15 video The Human Ransom. Both videos were written and directed by OpAphid creator Glenn Rubenstein, who also created REDEARTH88.

OpAphid’s return occurred at the tail end of a solid run of REDEARTH88 action videos. This entry in the series actually simulates a live upload as Linc and Rachel attempt to make contact with the mysterious character that had been instructing Linc on what to do up until this point. Frustrated and tired after being chased by the assassin Warpylol, Linc and Rachel start to fight, which prompts Rachel to head off on her own. Linc attempts to stop her as she walks away, and their argument continues…and then–well, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself to see what happens after that.

This video has been a favorite of REDEARTH88 fans since its debut on YouTube. At the time of its first posting, it was still unclear whether or not Glenn Rubenstein was behind RE88. After weeks of discussions on the message boards and comment sections, the appearance of characters from OpAphid only helped fuel the speculation that Rubenstein and OpAphid were involved in some official capacity. The appearance of OpAphid herself, however, served as an in-game confirmation of sorts before anyone actually knew that Glenn Rubenstein created REDEARTH88.

In terms of this video’s production process, the entire “Worth the Wait?” video was shot in one continuous take, with minimal content tweaks made later on in post-production. Because of the logistics involved in filming the scene, Glenn Rubenstein directed Sara Fletcher and Logan Rapp in a walk through of the area to go over the scene’s dialogue and their character’s actions before the shoot itself began. The dialogue was partially improvised (based off an outline), and there were a half dozen takes recorded in all. Rapp, who plays Linc in this video, also operated the camera “in character.” (On the set, Rubenstein would review each take after it was recorded and offer his notes, since he had to stay back a safe distance to not be in the shot).

While the continuous take meant that there wasn’t any actual video editing involved after the physical location shoot, the video’s brief special effects shot took over one week to perfect and give it a somewhat “natural” look. This was accomplished by using the software program Adobe After Effects.

To learn more about the history of the interactive video series OpAphid before REDEARTH88, as well as its earlier story arc that crossed over with the popular online series Lonelygirl15, check out this report and video: OpAphid Glenn Rubenstein with Lonelygirl15 creators at ARGfest-o-Con

Worth The Wait? – Video Credits:
Sara E.R. Fletcher stars as Rachel in REDEARTH88
Linc is portrayed by Logan Rapp
Video directed and visual FX work by Glenn Rubenstein
Mari Devincenzi provides the voice of OpAphid

To view a complete transcript of this REDEARTH88/OpAphid crossover, along with related trivia and other behind the scenes facts, head over to the Worth The Wait? entry on LGPedia


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REDEARTH88 Recap Video

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