Glenn Rubenstein

Glenn Rubenstein is responsible for writing, directing, and editing every OpAphid, Tachyon, and 10033 video in the OpAphid video series. He also provides the voice of 10033 (or “Brother,” as Tachyon refers to her partner).

In addition to his work on the OpAphid videos, Rubenstein designed all of the series puzzles and audience interaction. This included many “dead drops,” which allowed the audience to play a role in the series by traveling to real-world locations – recovering packages or other items “dropped” by one of the series main characters.

In 2006, Glenn Rubenstein launched OpAphid as an original video series and interactive Alternate Reality Game. However, OpAphid is actually based on a story that Glenn began writing in 2001 about a secretive religious organization’s “black ops” department, and a secret agent with a personal motivation to investigate what they may or may not be hiding.

Inspired by the possibilities of mixing an Alternate Reality Game with an online video series, Rubenstein began to adapt the story by first focusing on one particular element of his screenplay: The secret agent’s “secure communication” with her dim-witted partner, which relied on a unique encryption technique of shared taste in popular culture.

This idea inspired many of the puzzles in OpAphid, and players were required to listen to songs, watch movies, and research a variety of associated topics in order to piece together Tachyon’s clues and assist 10033 in decoding the communication.

Once OpAphid began to build an audience, Glenn was approached by the creators of lonelygirl15, who proposed a crossover between their two series. This led to a more extensive collaboration, and as a Lonelygirl15 writer-director Glenn Rubenstein was responsible for many videos in the series, including the fan favorite “The Human Ransom.”


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